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During the second mobility period of the EVS project “Say YES to change” funded by the Erasmus + program, the workshops continued. We had several workshops held by our volunteers from Spain, David Perez Garcia and Juan Jesus Prado Rodriguez, sent by the NGO Ecocompartimos from Illescas, Toledo. The second mobility period was from 16th of August till the 11th of November, 2019.

The first workshop was held on the 19th of September by both David and Juan. The title was “The current situation of the Roma in Spain”. On this workshop the attendees learned about the history of the Roma in Spain, their religion, their influence on the Spanish music and culture, especially the flamenco, the most important traditions and customs, as well as some famous Roma singers, journalist and sportsman.



The attendees were quite interested in the topic, especially the Roma ones which asked questions wanting to know more about the life of the people from their origin in Spain.

The second workshop was held on the 22nd of October by David titled “The importance of the preschool education” which was intended for the Roma children’s parents. During this workshop, David shared his knowledge and experience as psycho – pedagogue presenting about the importance of the education since the children’s early ages, why children should attend school regularly and the consequences of the absence and the eventual dropping out of school.

The workshop was quite interactive as the parents developed a discussion sharing the causes and problems the Roma people face regarding the topic and proposing possible solutions.

The third workshop was held on the 24th of October by Juan in the library in Bitola. On this workshop attended more than 100 people. Among them there were students from primary and secondary school, as well as interested young and adults. The title was “Can young people change the world?”

To answer the question from the title Juan took as examples four young people which with their initiatives and movements managed to make a change in Europe and the world. Their stories gave the audience the awareness that if you are persistent and motivated, you can make or initiate the change you want in the society you live in.

On the 28th of October Juan and David were part of the training course “Stop violence” implemented with funds of the Erasmus + program as part of the action K1. They prepared presentations about the Erasmus program and Youthpass.

First to present was Juan explaining what Erasmus + is, which programs it offers with accent on the K1 action. The participants in the training were very interested on the topic, especially the volunteering activities as well as the action K2. They asked all kinds of questions to which Juan was happy to respond.

After that David presented what is Youthpass, how it can be created and why it is important including the key competences which are presented in the Youthpass and gained during the Erasmus experience.

On this training there were participants from 10 different countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Turkey, Lithuania and North Macedonia.