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As part of the second mobility period of the EVS project “Say YES to change” funded by the Erasmus + program we had volunteers from Spain which were sent by the NGO Ecocompartimos from Illescas, Toledo. The mobility period lasted from the 16th of August till the 11th of November, 2019. David Perez Garcia and Juan Jesus Prado Rodriguez gave Spanish language lessons for all the interested people from Bitola.


The classes were held once a week in the library in Bitola from 3rd of September till 4th of November. During the lessons, the participants were able to learn more about the Spanish language, culture, customs, food and dances, as well as some vocabulary and grammar.


We were really surprised from the number of interested participants which exceeded 50 people. That is why our volunteers decided to make two groups: one for advanced level and one for beginners. David held the beginners level classes, and Juan the advanced.

All the participants were very satisfied and wished that the classes lasted longer or that there will be another opportunity like this in the future.

As part of the presenting of the Spanish language and culture was the intercultural evening which we organized together with the NGO “Sfera” from Bitola. On this evening David and Juan presented the Spanish culture talking about the language, the music, the flag and the natural treasures which were also shown by a video. After that they presented the food and drinks which are typical in Spain and prepared by themselves. They made Spanish tortilla, pan tumaca, as a desert flan and the most famous Spanish drink sangria.