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As part of the EVS project “Say YES to change” financed by the Erasmus + program through the National agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility of Republic of North Macedonia, the volunteers from Spain had the opportunity to give physical education and chemistry lessons as their personal project in the primary school “Kole Kaninski” in Bitola.

The physical education lesson was given by David Perez Garcia on the 17th of October 2019, to students from sixth grade. During the lesson, David organized different sports activities connected to group cohesion. The students had the opportunity to pass the ball and then run the ball through different obstacles, to develop the confidence between each other in order to function better as a group by descending a hula-hop, and a lot of other activities which finished with a friendly match.

The students were very satisfied, and David had the opportunity to present his knowledge and skills as a physical education teacher.

On the 18th of October 2019, the chemistry lesson was given by the volunteer Juan Jesus Prado Rodriguez to 8th grade students. During the lesson, Juan presented the theoretical and practical part of the creation of artificial snow by the help of sodium polyacrylate and water, the chromatography on chalk with different colors and spinach, as well as the changing of the color of the liquid in acidic and base environment. At the end an experiment with a volcano was performed using sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

The students enjoyed the experiments, and Juan was very satisfied for the given opportunity to present his knowledge and experience as a chemist and to see how it is to be a chemistry teacher.

We would like to present our gratitude to the director of the primary school “Kole Kaninski”, and to the teachers Biljana Manevska, Aleksandar Markovski and Vesna Bakovska that gave us the opportunity to present a different experience during the physical education and chemistry classes.