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From 15th of July until 20th of July 2019, eight members of SUMNAL were part of a youth exchange in Radzovce – Obručná, Slovakia.  In the project there were participants from Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and our country.

The project’s goal is to increase the participation of young people from this exchange (namely young people with at least 50% of them from Roma tribes) in the labor market through self-esteem activities, developing of their practical and cross-cutting skills, as well as motivating entrepreneurship. Also another goal is to raise their awareness of the different tools and programs that they can use to increase their chances of applying to the labor market, including Erasmus +.

Part of the activities were implementation of activities balanced by all involved organizations, preparation of energizers, team building preparation, preparation of intercultural evenings, active participation in evaluation activities and evaluation of acquired competencies.

This way the participants improved the preparedness for their employment in the labor market (including the promotion of entrepreneurship) by properly perceiving the necessary competences for application in a particular field, the right choice of employment, strengthening cross-cutting skills and soft skills, promoting active leadership, collaboration, assertiveness, work skills in diverse team. There was a focus on presentation skills in order to  contribute to the  increasing of the  participants’ confidence, improving work in a particular job by developing measures to prevent discrimination, developing responsiveness to such situations, tackling employment ethics, as well as recognizing the importance of receiving and giving constructive feedback.