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Because I want to convince everyone that everything starts from one thought. Today you have to change something, rediscover yourself and you have to take time for the community and to find yourself. And the good ones and the bad ones. That thought brings other thoughts, which bring events.

Because I feel like shouting at everyone, cutting them off: “Anything can happen to you! Especially the most beautiful things! And that depends on you first! ”

Because I lived on my skin the impossible: happiness! Repeatedly.

Because I aligned myself. Mind and soul. Instinct with action. Confidence with expectations. But I don’t know exactly how I found this winning balance. I always knew that if I managed to balance between who I am, who I want to be and who I can be, I will live the most beautiful moments. One day, in one month, in three months, I simply woke up another man. Suddenly. And I knew exactly what I had to do.

Because when I found this balance, any answer or choice was more natural than ever. So I decided to volunteer at the NGO SUMNAL, in Bitola, Macedonia, me a “crazy boy from ROMANIA”.

A few years ago this decision would have been impossible.

In November 2019, I decided that I had to find another path now that I was approaching 30 years old.

Because in a few months I became a better, more balanced, tolerant person.

But I can’t prove it. But I feel it, I know it. Not only the best, but also my most interesting version.

Because in even a few months, that is, three, I managed to go through more feelings, and states compared to what I went through in 30 years, the fact that I met wonderful people, and I had the freedom to do all kinds of wonderful activities. together with those from Sumnal and the children from the NGO.

Because nothing is accidental.

Because it all starts with a thought.

Because life is beautiful.

That’s why I wrote all this.