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Visit to the museum “Mathematics” in Gissen, Germany

On the 28th and 29th November 2018, representatives from the Association for development of the Roma community “Sumnal” were in Germany on the first work meeting as partners of the project “Maths for minis” which is part of the Erasmus program. In the project there are partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, as well as the Center for lifelong learning from Skopje.
The main goal of the meeting was to present the project, plan the activities, and visit the museum “Matematikum” in Gissen. The main goal of the project is to present a different way of learning Mathematics and developing logics with children aged 4 to 8 years by using the exhibits in the museum. Those exhibits will be presented on an exhibition in each of the partner countries where the children can learn and develop their mathematical and logical skills individually, and also grow love for the subject.
On the first day, the work meeting was held and the participants were presented with the goal of the project and the responsibilities of the partners. Then a timetable was developed regarding the place and time of the exhibitions and the next work meetings, and also there was a discussion about certain aspects of the organization and implementation of the activities. In the afternoon, a tour through a part of Gotingen was organized. The participants were able to see a part of the city and learn about the famous mathematician and physician Carl Fredrik Gauss.
The second day, the participants visited the museum “Matematikum” in Gissen, where they were able to see the exhibits and play with them by themselves.
With this project, also the Roma children will be able to visit the exhibitions which will be organized in Skopje and Bitola, and develop their knowledge and skills in a fun way, including logics.