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As part of the EVS project “Say YES to change” our first pair of volunteers from Turkey organize workshops once a week each Thursday. These workshops have the goal to strengthen the skills and capacities of young Roma people regarding developing intercultural competences, importance of education and continuance in their personal, social and professional development, developing digital competences and skills, intercultural exchange, strengthening self-confidence and importance of young (Roma) people in order to feel and include themselves as active and equal society members willing to make positive changes and promotion of EU values and spirit.

The first two workshops were held by the volunteer Ahmet Subashi and were dedicated to the Roma people in Turkey, their culture, traditions, social status and problems. Our Roma visitors were very interested to learn about this in order to find out whether they face the same problems in Turkey as they do here in Macedonia and an interesting discussion was developed on this topic. These workshops were held on the 4th and 11th of April 2019.

The third workshop, which happened on the 18th of April, was prepared and held by the other volunteer from Turkey, Merve Ashar. She presented the importance of education for the personal, social and professional development in order to raise awareness about the topic among the young Roma.

Merve also held the fourth workshop on the 25th of April which had the goal to promote volunteering and its positive impact in the learning process for developing intercultural skills. She talked about her motivation and the activities she has as part of the project as well as how it impacted on her life experience.

The fifth workshop was prepared and held by Ahmet on the 2nd of May. He presented the EU rights and values and developed a discussion regarding this towards the situation in Macedonia, especially of the Roma minority. During the discussion we tried to send a message to the young Roma that the change starts within ourselves and not always the solution can be found outside of the borders of Macedonia.