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After 3 months we learned and saw so many different things. I can say that Macedonian people are the best people on the Balkan. What I mean is that they are so talkative, warm, kind and helpful about everything. I can say that because I traveled around several Balkan countries without money. For example, they easily offered a ride with their car when we needed one. After every trip, when I crossed the border to my country, I felt very relax. I said my country because Macedonia is now like my second home. Now I have so many friends in Macedonia. And I’m sure that I will come again here to visit my friends.

Like I said before, when the time to finish my EVS was approaching, I traveled around several Balkan countries. I went to Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. From all of them, I liked Serbia the most, especially Novi Sad, which is magnificent. The city’s architecture is amazing. I saw so many effects from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Serbia. Also Belgrade is very good, but my heart will stay with Novi Sad. Maybe I will live there someday, who knows.

If I mention about the activities and experiences from Macedonia, I can say that I enjoyed it and had so much fun. I met so many people from different countries. And I know we will see each other again with some of them. Of all the different cultures and people who live here, I learned different songs, different words in their own language and different foods of course. We tasted their traditional foods and drinks. I should admit that Rakija is a very strong drink. And I have to talk about the hospitality of the Macedonian people. My Macedonian friend’s family invited us to dinner so many times.  Also our president Fatma has invited us in her house on several occasions. I felt so happy during these times.

All Balkan countries have the same opinion and I realized that when you tell them that you are from Turkey, they are being so polite and good greeting in Turkish. I saw that situation, especially in Macedonia, so many times.

Let’s talk about our EVS project. In the office the kids were so beautiful. That word is describing them almost fully. They are so innocent and nice. I haven’t done that kind of job before, so this is my first experience with kids to that extent. And I guess I managed it. They want attention so much, and when they see that we are giving it to them, they are so happy. And that reaction is deleting everything bad that has happened in the past days. Sometimes they are making us mad or crazy, of course. At the end I gained experience with small kids and I learned how to take care of them and teach them something.

With our organization we did many activities: every week we prepared presentations and we gave Turkish lessons to local people in Bitola. And we joined one medıa lıteracy activity in the American Corner in Bitola. It was very helpful and informative for me. Also we were part of many activities from other NGO’s like collecting garbage from mountains, painting, Turkish traditional night.

At the end, I’m very happy to have come in Macedonia as volunteer of this project. It gave me so many benefits. I’m feeling sad to leave here but every good thing should have an end. Life is like this. I’m very thankful to everyone in Macedonia and the people in the Sumnal Association.

You can watch Ahmet’s video with the experience on the following link https://youtu.be/sm84EkvyaA0