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“We protect Roma children and families – PROTECTION FOR ALL” – Field work and preparation of education materials

As part of the project “We protect Roma children and families-PROTECTION FOR ALL” which Sumnal started to implement since 14 August this year, activities for field work and preparation of educational strategy were conducted.

In the period between 14 August and 1 September, 2020, six field workers were targeting the beneficiaries of the project according to the following groups:

– Identification of children and families who need educational help and

– Identification of children and families who need council with psychologist regarding stress, anxiety or domestic violence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


During the same period 3 educators were working on developing the educational strategy which consisted of:

– Development of a Handbook for educators, parents and children;

– Development of educational materials with activities and recommendations;

– Preparation and design of the Handbook and the educational material for printing;

– Defining topics and activities for the workshops.


The next step of the project activities is the printing and afterwards distribution of the Handbook and the educational materials to the beneficiaries.

The project is funded by the OSCE – Mission in Skopje.