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Roma Health Care II – Partner Meeting in Greece

From 28-31 May 2021, the second partner meeting within the project took place in Athens, Greece. All partner countries were present and the work on the current project task continued.

First, the progress of the development of the training material for the education of the health mediators was presented and the material was revised. In the following weeks, the partners will work on finalizing the work for the curriculum.

Then, each partner country presented the results of the surveys conducted in the local Roma communities regarding their health situation. The project coordinator also presented the results of the survey regarding which education activities are most appealing to the Roma with one specification for each country.

Sumnal presented the Local Health Action Plan Template. During the following month the partner NGO`s will revise and discuss with the involved municipalities and health departments of Bitola, Halandri, Buzau and Melycut on their opinion of the results of the survey, the template, what should be added, excluded etc.

At the end, the new tasks were distributed and deadlines were agreed.

We also visited the Roma community in Halandri where we had the chance to talk to the residents together with the responsible person from the municipality. Our president, Fatma Bajram Azemovska, had the honor to meet Georgos A. Stamatis, the General Secretary for Social Solidarity and Fight against Poverty of Greece, with whom she talked about Roma issues, current and completed projects and possibility for future cooperation.

We all look forward to our next partner meeting in Serbia in November.