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The next part of the project “We protect Roma children and families-PROTECTION FOR ALL” which Sumnal started to implement since 14 August this year, was the distribution of the printed materials.

After the approval and the printing done by the donor (OSCE – Mission in Skopje), the printed materials were delivered to our office in Bitola. Thus, we made appropriate arrangements for their distribution. The materials consist of printed Handbook for educators, parents and children and educational material with activities and recommendations, all related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For that purpose 4 field educators were distributing the printed materials and at the same time educated the parents about its content and how to use them. As previously planned, this activity was supposed to take place from 11-18 September, 2020, but because of the delay of the printing and the delivery, it took place from 2-6 November, 2020. In order to implement all the planned activities, we asked a non-cost extension from our donor which was approved.

After this, we continue with online classes for the children, thematic workshops and psychological counseling for the parents, and finally giving information about the prevention and measures given by the authorities to the hard to reach Roma.

The project is funded by OSCE – Mission in Skopje.