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Development Association of the Roma community in Macedonia

was established in June 2004 and meets the needs of public schools and the settlement Topaana associated with extremely poor school, high rate of rash of school, illiteracy and low awareness of the importance of education. To combat these problems, Sumnal organize and conduct various educational and social activities as well as activities that build character in relation to the material taught in mainstream schools and curricula prepared by the Ministry of Education and nauka.Za few years services provided Sumnal dramatically increased, though remaining true to our original mission and goals. Through cooperation with the community, cooperation with the Council of parents and close relationships with local schools, Sumnal is able to identify and begin to meets the additional needs of the community. Today, in addition to more than 60 hours a week of educational opportunities offered to children Sumnal provides a wide range of educational opportunities for all community members. These services include, but are not limited to it: women’s rights, education, attending public events, registration of citizens, fighting poverty, which is common in the environment, domestic violence, hygiene and sanitation, vaccination, rights children, adult literacy, democratic participation, the environment and many people from drugi.Napredokot Topaana sure. However, Sumnal began providing the tools and resources needed to educate an unprecedented number of adults and children in the community roll. Without doubt, the hopes, dreams and the future of an entire generation is brighter due to the efforts of the team, volunteers, partners and supporters Sumnal.


Roma are integrated into society and make greater contribution to the development of the country.


 To strengthen the Roma community in the Republic of Macedonia through the improvement and development of education, culture, the creative development of children and youth, social inclusion, economic development, health and environmental protection.

 SUMNAL is a member of national and international network of NGOs

In terms of areas in which it does, Sumnal is a member of national and international networks of NGOs.

Platform – Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform, which is part of the European platform against poverty. The Platform is comprised of more than 40 organizations from all

Macedonia. Sumnal work with the Roma population, so membership in this network enables Sumnal be part of marches and campaigns for the fight to reduce poverty in our country. Also, members of the Platform prepared Declaration priorities about raising the minimum wage in Macedonia, to reduce unemployment, etc., Which was submitted to the Minister of Labour and Social Policy. Platform conducts research and mapping of poverty and social exclusion in Macedonia.


NATIONAL NETWORK AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – Through membership in this network, Sumnal organize preventive -edukativni workshops held by social worker and a psychologist, with protection and prevention of domestic violence against Roma women and violence in the Roma family. Sumnal supports and participates in campaigns and events organized to combat all forms of domestic violence and members of Sumnal directly participate in the activities. Network members in more than 20 organizations from all over Macedonia.


SROV – ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ADULT EDUCATION – Sumnal supports and participates in activities relating to population and refine completed no regular formal education.


YEN – YOUTH of EUROPEAN NACIONALITIES – European Network of NGOs are a minority in their countries. The network allows for meetings and seminars in different countries of Europe and membership allows exchange of experiences and practices of different countries and a way to find out how a minority living in a particular country.


FERYP – FORUM OF EUROPEAN YOUNG PEOPLE – ROMA YOUTH FORUM ON EUROPE network is supported by the Council of Europe and organizes trainings and meetings for members of the network in various countries in Europe. Members and prepare joint projects and aktivnostti concerning Roma and down the basic rights in general, involving members from all participating countries.


RVN – ROMA VIRTUAL NETWORK – ROMA VIRTUAL NETWORK – Sumnal is a member of the Roma Virtual Network (RVN) initiative and aims to provide international experiences for Roma and non-Roma friendly organizations and individuals with useful information for Roma issues in different languages ​​over the Internet.



European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) is the voice of non-formal adult education in Europe.

EAEA is a transnational, non-profit association whose purpose is to connect European organizations directly involved in adult education. Its primary goal is linking non-governmental organizations whose primary purpose is education of adults. EAEA also working on coordinating bodies for adult learning. Originally known as the European Bureau of Adult Education. http://www.eaea.org

Annual work program

Objectives of the annual program:

1. Strengthen the capacity of the Roma community through an integrated change of awareness about the importance of education.

2. Strengthening the resources of the Roma community for the social and economic integration into society through active participation and contribution.

3. Promote positive aspects of Roma culture by supporting multi-ethnic dialogue between different ethnic groups in Macedonia.

In order to fulfill the vision and mission of our work we will promote:

– Tolerance, respect for differences and dialogue;

– A culture of peace and mutual understanding;

– Publicity and transparency in our work;

– Responsibility in carrying out our activities under the law, international conventions, donors and the Roma community in which we and our work they are committed;

– Promotion of a culture of participatory democracy in the public and in our daily work;

– Respect for human rights and dignity of all people who are in contact;

– Constant will create job opportunities in the community and promotion of volunteering;

– We will have a direct and open communication with all stakeholders who are interested in our work (institutions at local and national level policy makers, the business sector and other civil society organizations in Macedonia and other countries that will contribute to improving results our work).

Major program activities:

Contribution to the Development of Roma education with an emphasis on children and youth

– Improving the social status of Roma in society

Creating better economic environment for the employment of young Roma

– Active participation of Roma in social processes

Contribution to the construction, development and strengthening of multi-ethnic environment in Macedonia and dialogue by promoting the material and spiritual culture of the Roma living in Macedonia.