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Active participation of Roma in social processes,trends and flows in the Republic of Macedonia


1. Active participation and contribution in the process of european integration of Macedonia.

– Educating and informing the population about the process of EU integration, legislation and international agreements.

– Marking of important dates.

2. Advocating for issues of gender equality in the institutions of the system through collaboration and monitoring.

3. Encouraging multi-ethnic cooperation.

4. Support of the decentralization process through active participation of citizens in policy and decision making at local level

– Intensification of cooperation with municipalities where live Roma population.

– Signing memorandums of cooperation and establishing a network of gender sensitive communities.

5. Collaboration with the centers for regional development as tool to support the commities for gender equality in the units of local government as a prerequisite for balanced regional developmen.


Contribute to building and strengthening multiethnic society in Macedonia and multi-ethnic dialog through promotion of spiritual and material culture of Roma

1. Improvement of interethnic dialog.

– Trainings, workshops, round tables, debates on how to better multi-ethnic dialog.

– Promotion of different traditions and cultures and their introduction.

– Campaigns for tolerance, mutual understanding, peace and nonviolence.

2. Promotion of gender equality in civic organizations, local governments and institution in Macedonia.

– Workshops for civic organizations, employees of local governments and institutions in the Republic of Macedonia for strengthening their capacities for gender sensitivity.

– Monitoring the work of civic organizations, employees of local governments and institutions for issues of gender sensitivity and gender equality.

– Publication of printed informational and educational materials.