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Quality living

Improving the social status of Roma in society

1. Promotion of positive aspects of Roma culture in the direction of breaking down prejudices and stereotypes in society

2. Active social clubs – in the municipality of Cair and Suto Orizari activities to improve the social life and the situation of the elderly, as well as their connection and activation in the family and society as a whole

Creating opportunities for improving the economic status of Roma in Macedonia

1. Improving employment opportunities for young Roma

– Improving workforce skills and position in the labor market of young Roma through training in order an additional qualification

– Facilitate the situation on the labor market and promoting employment opportunities through intensive cooperation with the Employment Agency

2. Improving the economic independence of Romani women

– Support the improvement of professional skills of Roma women through vocational training;

– Mediation in employment in cooperation with ESA, private employment agencies and the business sector;

– Strengthening the capacities of Roma women for pretpriemnishki skills and knowledge to conduct their own business;

– Educating and encouraging small businesses as a tool to improve the economic situation of the Roma in Macedonia;