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Volunteers from the Association for Roma Community Development “Sumnal” took part in the Youth Mobility “Gender Spectrum” that happened in Rome, Italy from 08-15 July 2021. The project is part of the Erasmus + programme co-financed by the European Union.

During this youth mobility 25 young from Italy, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia got more aware of gender discrimination, stereotypes and the different roles of men and women in different countries. The final goal was to raise awareness, make a shift in viewpoint, and to support and understand the individual responsibility, rightfulness and equality against gender discrimination.

During the local and international activities, the following topics were processed:

  • Identify the gender stereotypes among young people arriving from various countries;
  • Discuss the most common stereotypes and the methods for changing;
  • Identify the rarest stereotypes and examine their effects on our lives;
  • Present the methods with which these stereotypes are the easiest to overcome;
  • Exchange opinions about gender expectations between boys and girls;
  • Learn to accept the view of the other sex;
  • Practice effective ways of coexistence between boys-girls, men-women.

This project helped our volunteers from the Roma community to raise their awareness on the topic and spread it among their local peers and family, thus making a change and progress towards breaking the gender discrimination and stereotypes that unfortunately still silently prevail, especially among the Roma.

After their return, the volunteers together with our president, held a workshop to share their knowledge, experience and to motivate the other young Roma to participate in the activities provided by the Erasmus + programme and our NGO.