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As the title says, with this project we want to make a change in “Sumnal” – Bitola. We want to promote volunteering as a very important tool for self-improvement and social inclusion and also to develop skills among the young Roma which are important for integration in the everyday life of the society with an accent of the development of the intercultural skills and abilities.
During this project there will be different learning activities with the children who visit the early childhood education center in Bitola, workshops on different topics and language lessons.
The project will be implemented from the 1st of March 2019 till the 29th of February 2020. There will be three pairs of volunteers from the partner countries Turkey, Romania and Spain and each pair will implement the activities for a period of three months.
The planned activities will be in accordance to the goals of the project which are:
 Promoting volunteering and its positive impact in the learning process for developing intercultural skills;
 Reach to a higher number of young (Roma) people who will enroll in the activities in our Center;
 Developing the intercultural competences of young (Roma);
 Raising awareness among the young (Roma) about the importance of education and continuance in their personal, social and professional development;
 Developing digital competences and skills among the young (Roma) which will help them for further development, education and employment;
 Presenting positive role-models of young people from abroad for strengthening the self-confidence and importance of young (Roma) people in order to feel and include themselves as active and equal society members willing to make positive changes;
 Making intercultural exchange of culture, traditions, customs, language, art;
 Promoting and strengthening of the EU values and spirit.

Merve Ashar and Ahmet Subashi from Turkey are the first pair of volunteers and they have already started the activities. Their mobility started in the second half of March and will end in the first half of June.