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Sumnal started to implement the project “Continuous online learning – WE LEARN” in the second half of August, 2020.

After the targeting of the recipients and the adaptation of the curriculum, the next step to deliver the tablets. Since there was a delay in the purchase by our donor, we requested a non-cost extension of the duration of the project activities which were supposed to end by the middle of November, and with the extension the end was set on the 10th of December. This way we were able to complete all activities.


When we received the tablets, all necessary programs (Zoom, Microsoft Teams), and the logos of Sumnal and our donor were installed. Also e-mail accounts were created for all the beneficiaries and the internet cards were activated.

Next was the delivery. During the delivery, our staff explained to the beneficiaries how the tablets should be used. When this process was finished, there was a test period for the usage and the online learning in order to detect any issues during the process.


The final phase consisted of the implementation of the online learning.

With this project we continued the education in online mode for 100 Roma children in Skopje and Bitola. Our beneficiaries were very happy to receive the tablets and thus be able to provide the education for their children during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The project is funded by the OSCE – Mission in Skopje.