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In order to find out which topics in the field of health and basic human rights should be included in the course for adult Roma literacy, we conducted a survey with fifty respondents from the Roma community in Bitola.

The survey was conducted from 17 till 22 December, 2020 in Sumnal’s office in Bitola in compliance with the measures and protocols for protection against Covid-19. The questionnaire consisted of ten offered topics for each of the areas, from which the respondents had to choose five most interesting and useful topics.

According to the results, from the offered topics in the field of health, the respondents were most attracted by the following:

  • First aid 66%;
  • Health system 52%;
  • Benefits of health insurance 48%;
  • Dental care 48%;
  • Prevention and treatment of addictions 46%.

From the offered topics in the field of basic human rights, the most attractive to the respondents were the following:

  • Basic human rights 58%;
  • Basic rights of citizens 48%;
  • Right of claiming state benefits 46%;
  • Discrimination in employment 44%;
  • Discrimination in housing issues 44%.

To the question “Which other subject fields would be interesting as well?”, there were no answers offered.

The results of the survey will be compared with the results of the surveys conducted in the other partner countries and then a final report will be created with the common priority topics which will be taken into account when preparing the educational contents for the curriculum and the handbook which will be used by the trainers during the implementation of the course.