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Next step of the project activities is the Plot Training. On the 18, 19 and 20 January 2021 the first part of the Pilot Training was conducted online. During the three days of training, the participants from the partner organizations from Serbia, North Macedonia, Hungary and Germany were trained and discussed on the following topics:

– The contents of a Course Leader Qualification;

– What is Basic Education?;

– The categorization of learners;

– The Curriculum and Handbook -> questions and recommendations;

– Quality Standards for alphabetization courses for Roma;

– Short history of Roma;

– Motivation of Roma for attending adult education measures;

– What can the trainer contribute to a successful course?;

– The learning history of the trainer/mediator;

– Questions and answers;

– The next working steps in the project;

– Assessment of the training.

The first day also included introduction to the trainer, the partners, the project including the purpose of the training and the role of the participants, as well as their experience with Basic and Adult Education involving Roma learners.

The second part of the Pilot Training will be in April 2021 in Hungary with physical presence of the participants.

After the Online Training, the Test Phase in Serbia and North Macedonia will be conducted with the goal of testing and optimizing the Curriculum and Handbook with the target group.