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“Sumnal” is currently implementing the activities regarding the project “RomABC Goes Western Balkan” financed by the European commission through the Erasmus + programme. The project started in September 2019 and will last till the end of 2021. The project partners are organizations and schools from Serbia, North Macedonia, Hungary and Germany.

The project goals are:

–  Reducing the number of functional illiterates among adult Roma;

– Improving their employability and

– Increasing their participation in adult education measures.

This way, in the long run, the project contributes to the increasing of the employment rate and the reduction of the number of Roma concerned by poverty and social exclusion.

To achieve these goals, the partners are working in developing the following:

– Elaboration of a Curriculum for raising the literacy grade of adult Roma;

– Modification of Quality Standards for according alphabetization courses:

– Development of a Handbook for leaders of alphabetization courses and

– Design and implementation of Co-ordination Concepts for alphabetization measures.

After the according training, adult education experts will be enabled to use them for the first time already within the test phase of the project which will be implemented in the following months.

Also, a brochure and flyer in Macedonian and Romanes with info about the project wеre prepared and distributed among the Roma in Bitola.

Coordinator of the project is the primary school and adult education provider “Branko Pesic” from Serbia.