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RomABC Moves Forward – Partner Meeting in Greece

Representatives from Sumnal had the opportunity to participate on the partner meeting held in Athens, Greece from 31 May – 4 June 2021. During this meeting all partner organizations were present.

The main activity of the meeting was modification of the elaborated exercises for the alphabetization course for Roma in the field of health and basic rights. The revision will continue until the 15th of June when it will be finalized. Afterwards the partner organizations will start with the elaboration of the according training material. During this meeting, the partner organization from Greece introduced the concepts for the online part of the alphabetization course and for the webinar for trainers.

Our president, Fatma Bajram Azemovska, had the honour to meet Mr. Georgios A. Stamatis the General Secretary for Social Solidarity and Fight against Poverty of Greece. During the meeting they discussed the latest developments in the establishments of the new strategies for Roma integration in our country.

In September 2021, Sumnal will send two staff members to the Pilot Training in Hungary to be trained as course leaders or mediators in the alphabetization courses for Roma.