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Young people from the Association for Roma Community Development “Sumnal” took part in the Youth Mobility “Memory is an antidote for antiziganizam” that happened in Rome, Italy from 28 August – 03 September 2021. The project is part of the Erasmus + programme co-financed by the European Union.

During this youth mobility, 26 young from Italy, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia got aware and learned that Porrajmos historical memory is fundamental in order to block and prevent racial hate against Roma people and, in general, against who is considered different. This historical memory must be spread among Roma people, who often do not know their own history, and among non-Roma people, who usually know something about the Holocaust as a crime against Jewish people but do ignore the Porrajmos and what Roma have suffered during WW2.

By bringing up these memories, the young (Roma and non-Roma) got more aware and more able to recognize possible signs of racism and antiziganism in their daily life. Finally, they will be able to prevent antiziganism and racism in their own community and eventually end it.

This project helped our participants to raise their awareness on the topics and spread it among their local peers and family, thus making a change and progress towards preventing the antiziganizam and racism towards the Roma.

After their return, the participants together with our president, held a workshop to share their knowledge, experience and to motivate the other young Roma to participate in the activities provided by the Erasmus + programme and our NGO.