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Advocacy and lobbying for better employment of Roma in municipality of Chair

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Period: 15.09.2015 – 31.01.2016

The main purpose of this project is to help at least 100 Roma (equal representation of Romani women will be assure) to build up their knowledge about the employment opportunities in the country in order to ease their entrance into the labour market.  The action also aims to increase the knowledge of 50 private sector representatives about the benefits offered for the companies within the Government active labour market measures and other employment programs, and increase their owners’ sensitivity for employment of Roma and other vulnerable groups at risk for social exclusion.


During the 5-month project duration, will be implement this activities:

  1. Analysis for the main barriers for employment of Roma
  2. Identification of Roma unemployed persons for participation on the Employment Opportunities Informative Meetings
  3. Advocacy and lobying for better employment of Roma in municipality of Chair (Topaana settlement) Mapping exercise for the private sector companies

The project is funded by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation – MCIC Association and Initiative for Social Change – InSoC – Skopje under the project Roma access to funds, financed by the program “To make up the EU funds for Roma” of Open Society Institute Budapest.