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Early childhood development

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Period: 01.02.2016-31.08.2016

Early childhood development program is designed for children 2-6 years and their mothers, which includes daily activities that have educational content associated with games, coloring, drawing, drama, learning songs and so on. We are working to develop motor and cognitive development of children of a certain age, general knowledge and social development. program is based on The Early Learning and Development prepared by UNICEF and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The working language is Macedonian language, because language of children is the Roma language and it is used in families, and when they start at school should use and know the Macedonian language and the Cyrillic alphabet.Activities that are performed are pre -planned and prepared according to the standards for early learning and development through a variety of educational games . They are realizriaat unit ready in advance of the annual program 14364639_1179531285402905_1899527077761304406_nwith monthly , daily and weekly preparations. For the activities to keep a diary of activities, record each child’s portfolio and for each of the children. In that case, children are preparing for enrollment in primary schools. This program is mandatory and the presence of mothers who , despite educators are a key factor for the positive development of their children. They observe the actions and repeat them at home with their children to make it easier to master and learn together . The level of education of mothers is low and in this way they learn with their children and are motivated to attend the daily activities offered by this program. Under this program, educators realized activities with parents better access to their children maintain at different workshops according to the needs and interest of the parents. These workshops for parents are held 4 times a month, or every week on a subject.At the same time they maintain and educational workshops for mothers by experts in the fields of culture , employment, education , health, social welfare and so on.
Funded project by UNICEF and implemented by Association for Development of the Roma community Sumnal partner organizations in the project is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.