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(Macedonian) Јас имам избирачко право – едукација на млади Роми

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Period: 16.11.2015-16.05.2016 година

The project aims : to contribute to the development and democratic processes within the Roma community by informing and educating young Roma about the importance of the electoral process , rights and obligations associated with the right to vote , the manner of voting, the right to free choice and secrecy of voting which will contribute to the overall development of modern society.


Informing the Roma community and the price band for the project
– Identification of the target group – at least 100 young Roma of Roma communities in the municipality of Cair and Bitola
– Development Agenda and indentify exhibitors for informational and educational meetings
– 4 Organizing informational and educational meetings for the target group (at least 25 people in a meeting – 2 Chair 2 in Bitola)
– Preparation and distribution of info materials in Macedonian and Roma
– Making And delivery Analysis of the activities undertaken and results achieved before and after the elections.

Civica Mobilitas is a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation ( SDC ), which conducted NIRIS ; MCIC and SIPU . The project is financially podrzan of Civic and implemented and relaizran of Sumnal.