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Кажи ДА за промена (Say YES to change)

“Say YES to cbahge” is an EVS project which will ran during the following year of 2019.
Within this project, we propose to host 6 EVS volunteers who will be hosted in pairs, 2 volunteers per 4 months.
The goal of the project is to promote volunteering as a very important tool for self-improvement and social inclusion and also developing skills which are important for integration in the everyday life of the society with an accent of the development of the intercultural skills and abilities.
Within the project we have planned different types of activities involving local youth. The volunteers will give a support in holding workshops, organizing events and other similar activities to areas of continuing education, finding employment, social/human rights. It shall summarize different cultural and educational workshops and events in order to inspire these young people to increase their interest and motivation and highlight the educational process. Subsequently, the main indirect target groups of this project are preschool, primary and high-school students- attendees of our daily Center. The main activities of the volunteers we shall host will refer to support in their studying, extra-curricula activities and quality and creative free time. Also, they will help our team in writing articles for our daily activities for the website and for the facebook page and will organize foreign language classes for our attendees. Members of other local NGOs will be invited to these classes as well, to contribute to further networking . Moreover, the volunteers shall have the personal space to express him/her self and all our office equipment and other materials will on disposal. We would especially welcome creative projects related to the fulfillment of our project goals and in accordance to strengthening the European identity.
Also the volunteers will be offered classes of Macedonian language, which will be organized in our premises. As well, the volunteers will attend numerous workshops which are being developed under our regular activities. As we are part of several national networks, training opportunities are diverse and the volunteer will have the opportunity to choose depending on his/hers needs.
With this project we would like to motivate more young Roma people to develop their personal skills and be more active in their own community as a start, and through our networks and social partners, we expect these experiences to be expanded to the regional and national level also. The volunteers will share their gained knowledge in many aspects relevant for the project among local peers. As well they will bring their experiences in contacts with other EVS volunteers, and potentially, it is expected to contribute to further networking of organizations and initiation of joined projects in future.



Association for Roma Community Development SUMNAL


Pi Youth Association
Start: 01-03-2019 – End: 29-02-2020
Project Reference: 2018-3-MK01-KA125-059963
EU Grant: 13556 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Volunteering Projects